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Melbourne Property Investment and Finance Advice

GTK Investments is one of the leading property investment companies in Melbourne. With more than 20 years experience, we provide a comprehensive, real estate investment service that maximizes the returns of property investors through well chosen, affordable investment properties. The GTK Investments programme, is the perfect place to kick start your steps towards financial freedom. 

The steps towards financial freedom

GTK Investments recommends independent finance professionals who share our objectives of providing clients with services and products that will enhance property investment potential.

This financial service, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, focuses on your particular situation and the essential factors to help you achieve your goals:
  • Affordability/Borrowing capacity
  • Finance structure
  • Repayments
  • Tax benefits
We also provide a FREE detailed property report on your property containing a suburb report, sales history and estimated valuation.

One of the key factors to determine a successful property investment is the correct financial structure to maximise tax benefits and reduce your mortgage outgoings.

The right steps to a successful investment property

GTK Investments recognizes that property ownership in Australia is currently the safest way to create wealth and achieve a secure financial future. We source and assess property with all the criteria necessary for a sound investment: affordability, the right location, proximity to infrastructure, good potential for capital growth and high rental demand.

Property inspections are arranged based on what you, the purchaser, can comfortably afford. This is followed by a real-life property analysis to determine how a number of options would work for you, such as personal and rental income, mortgage rates, vacancy rate and capital growth.
Based on this outcome you should be able to make a decision that takes into account all aspects of suitability and affordability.

As licensed Real Estate Agents we are entitled to a normal commission on the sale of an investment property and as such we do not see the need to burden our clients with additional costs.
Remember always that we work on our clients’ behalf-not the vendor.

Find out more  when you call our team today on 1300 659 726

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